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Message 45

Subject: Message 45 - Views of Lucio Munoz on Mr. Altieri's comments Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 18:18:36 +0100 From: RIO10-Moderator To: "''" Dear Friends, While I agree with the general view of where the roots of development should be (locally based) and the need to nurture it and expand it to serve better the poor, especially the poorest, and finally have a positive impact on their social, economic, and environmental wellbeing, I have the following comments: a) the issue is not how to get from here to there, but how to go back to where we should have been in the first place, locally based development enhanced by appropriate, cost-efficient, and unbiased external factors; b) true development from inside out (local supported by non-local) can not take place unless we address a series of biases, which I believe most of you will agree are in place, directly or indirectly: technological bias, methodological bias, resource endowment bias, gender bias, race bias, homogeneity bias, national bias, urbanization bias, professional bias, and export bias. From my points of view, these are some of the most important sources of unsustainability; c) from my point of view, food security has two components, production (supply) and consumption (demand), and therefore, agriculture as a function of food security is affected by them; d) access to technology is the factor that links production and development, and the production side environmental impacts (THIS IS THE FAO, CGIAR DOMAIN); e) access to income is the factor that links consumption and development, and the consumption side environmental impacts (THIS IS THE WORLD BANK DOMAIN); f) however, the heart of the food security and development dilemma is EQUALITY as equality affects the distribution of production, access to technology and therefore the supply side of development; and equality affects the distribution of consumption, access to income, and therefore the demand side of development; g) as these factors were not put at the heart of RIO and its strategies, we should not be surprised if food security of more insecure today due to more poverty and more environmental degradation; h) and, as commented before, if these factors are not addressed in these rounds of RIO-10 and incorporated in the locally based processes that Mr. Altieri describe, we should not be surprised if when RIO-20 comes along we are facing a worse situation. As this is my last contribution to this forum, my thanks for sharing ideas. My warm greetings to all. Sincerely yours, Lucio Munoz

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