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Looking Forward to Rio+10: Reporting Progress on Land and Agriculture

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Message 43

Subject: Message 43 - Information offered by Diego de la Rosa Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 11:49:05 +0100 From: RIO10-Moderator To: "''" As many previous interventions have pointed out sustainable agricultural strategies must be based on agroecological principles and on participative approaches for innovation development and dissemination. Following this framework, it will be possible to establish the agroecological limits of sustainability, in any particular case and independent of the input level. In other words, to formulate site specific farming systems that can help to solve the big problems of our world: poverty, food insecurity and environmental degradation. During the last 25 years and within these co-ordinates, we have been working on rural resources survey and land evaluation. The main results are included in the MicroLEIS system in the following Internet address: Http:// . MicroLEIS system includes a set of land evaluation tools (databases and models) able to be used for predicting land quality and degradation indicators. As continuation of the degradation risks prediction, impacts on crop production and response strategies formulation are also considered in this system. Sincerely, Diego de la Rosa, Head MicroLEIS Group, CSIC-IRNAS

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