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Looking Forward to Rio+10: Reporting Progress on Land and Agriculture

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Message 4

Subject: Message 4 - Questions for Week 1 Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 17:57:03 +0100 From: RIO10-Moderator To: "''" Dear E-Conferees, Over the next three weeks we will be focusing on the continuing importance of agriculture and rural landscapes. We are trying to reflect a wide range of perspectives that include government, civil society, non-governmental organizations and the private sector. These views have already directly influenced the preparation of a paper on SARD prepared for the FAO Committee on Agriculture (COAG) at the end of March 2001 as well as the drafts of the Task Managers' Report to CSD 10. The basis for much of the discussion has been the extensive preparation and consultation that led to Major Group participation from many sectors of society at CSD 8 in New York from 25 April to 5 May 2000. We suggest that we move from a broad assessment of current conditions and trends in Week 1 of the E-Conference, to concentrate on proposals for the future in Week 2 and, finally, to some specific suggestions on promising areas for joint solutions to bring to the Forum on SARD to be held in Rome on 29 March 2001, concurrent to the COAG. The agenda for the SARD Forum will be presented during the second week of this E-Conference. We propose that your direct your comments this week on contemporary challenges to agriculture, land and rural development as identified in the Task Managers' draft report to CSD 10 and the COAG paper. The initial, basic questions would therefore be: 1) What are the most critical trends for land and agriculture that we are facing and what are the implications of these trends? Your comments could address the importance of: a. the environmental and the biological dimensions of sustainability b. production, access and distribution c. social, cultural and institutional issues d. questions of political will e. and also other points 2) Based on your thoughts and experiences, what can we add or improve upon in reflecting these trends in Part 2 of the Task Managers' Draft Report to CSD 10? If you should wish to make remarks in reference to specific parts of the report, please cite the specific sections or paragraphs. Please note that participants may intervene in English, French or Spanish and that their interventions will be posted in those languages. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to translate all documents and interventions. The SARD Paper for COAG is available in these three languages, as well as in Arabic and Chinese (please see , Document Number 7). Although the topic is immense and the issues exceedingly complex, please think in terms of points that will clarify key questions and move us toward proposals for collaborative and direct action in the subsequent discussions. We look forward to your contributions very soon! With best regards from the E-Team

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