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Message 35

Subject: Message 35 - Intervention by Niels Holst Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 15:38:59 +0100 From: RIO10-Moderator To: "''" Modern information technology has a large potential for teaching farmers and traders with the latest news on pest management (early warnings, integrated solutions) and market prices. Even where the Internet stops due to lack of infrastructure or economic means, information can be conveyed further through traditional channels (e.g. radio broadcasting) and institutions (district offices of NGOs and extension services). Internet-based information networks have the advantage that, once established they are not expensive to maintain; maintenance is more a question of organization, a steady hand, than of money. Based on these ideas, a DANIDA-funded project is in the making. For further information, see . Niels Holst Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Crop Protection, Denmark

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