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Looking Forward to Rio+10: Reporting Progress on Land and Agriculture

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Message 33

Subject: Message 33 - Comment by Brett Robinson on Message 27 from Ryan Cu rtis and Message 23 from Brian Lewis Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 15:37:28 +0100 From: RIO10-Moderator To: "''" A comment on Ryan Curtis' response to Mr Lewis. I believe that Mr Curtis is right in regarding the agricultural development problems as macro-economic (such as wealth "trapped" in the developed countries). As an aside, he also mentions the political situation that is at the heart of economic problem; governments in developed countries must maintain the living standards of their constituents (or lose government). Electors would always remove governments that lower their standards of living because it is the task of governments to improve standards of living. I therefore propose that the SOURCE of many of the problems discussed so far is the use of elections to install government. Although this is obvious and (more or less) undeniable, there seems to be no credible alternative to democracy, and little likelihood that democracy will be modified in the near future. It is THE political ideal of of capitalism and the postmodern era. Brett Robinson Toowoomba, Australia

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