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Message 32

        Message 32 - Comment by Lucio Munoz on Message 27 
from Ryan Curtis and Message 23 from Brian Lewis Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 15:36:49 +0100 From: RIO10-Moderator To: "''" Dear Friends, In general terms reading these two messages made me think, if I am not mistaken, that one refers to sustainability and the other indicates that sustainability start at home. Just as enviromental degradation can come from the action of social and economic forces, it can also come from the actions of both developing and developed countries, and from their own perspective, sustainability must start at home. However, this has sacrifices for both of them social/economic forces or developing/developed countries; and as we need to find ways to move away from the notion that "the more is better", the issue becomes "how much can we sacrify our home for the benefit of all"? I wrote a draft article dealing with these issues called "Substituting the More is Better Paradigm for the Less is Better Paradigm: Identifying Key Transitional Problems", which I could share unedited as it is with people on this conference to share ideas if appropriate. If appropriate, I could send the unedited copy as an attachment to the list. It is not yet in my website. This could either refine or discard these ideas through a positive process as both views, developing country/developed country, appear to be represented in this seminar and could provide their own feedback. After all we are here to share ideas, not to impose ideas. Greetings, Lucio Munoz
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