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Message 26

        Message 26 - Comment from Bo Ewing on Comment of Ms. Elize Lundal l-Magnuson (Message 24) on the Intervention of Dr. G.K.
        Thu, 15 Mar 2001 18:28:19 +0100

Greetings Bob Ewing here, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Ms. Lundall-Magnusen wrote:
"> Poverty will only be alleviated if and when we realize the seriousness of
> hunger in the developing world. We want to improve technology to increase
> production forgetting that the poor farmer cannot afford our technology."

The technology that is needed is technology that is appropriate to the
region. This, incorporated into a sustainable design, will make a

She also wrote:
"> When people are hungry they only think about food and how to survive and
> nothing else."

I have observed this first hand from working with people here in Thunder
Bay.  People need to be able to grow their own food. Or at least some of it.
This is a first step.

Bob Ewing
Four Frogs Permaculture Design

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