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Looking Forward to Rio+10: Reporting Progress on Land and Agriculture

Record of Contributions

Message 18

        Message 18 - For Information: Draft Agenda of the Forum on Sustai nable Agriculture and Rural
        Development (29 March 2001).
        Tue, 13 Mar 2001 14:03:10 +0100


Forum on Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
29 March 2001 (at COAG 16th Session)


The Forum is organized as a Special Event, concurrent to the FAO Committee
on Agriculture. Holding the event at COAG offers an opportunity to
capitalise on the discussions on the SARD Paper prepared for COAG and the
momentum in the Major Groups established since the focus on SARD and Land at
CSD 8 in 2000. The Forum will assist in completing the Task Managers' Report
on "Land and Agriculture" for CSD 10 and in preparations for Rio+10.


Participation at the Forum will include:

*       Representatives of at least seven of the Major Groups in Agenda 21:
Indigenous, NGOs, Trade Unions/Farm Workers, Private Sector, Local
Authorities, Farmers', Women
*       Regional Focal Groups working with FAO: Africa (French and English
speaking), Asia, Latin America, Europe, Near East
*       Thematic Groups/Constituencies working toward the Committee on Food
Security and the World Food Summit Five Years Later
*       Representatives of Government attending the COAG

The Agenda: Process and Content


The representatives of the seven Major Groups and five regions will speak to
each topic from their perspective. Debate will be organized into a maximum
of five minutes of intervention per topic per group. At the end of each
round, the Chair(s) will request comments and reactions from the
representatives of Government. As time permits, there could be further
debate within each round. There will therefore be time for two complete
rounds of interventions per session.

The Agenda for 29 March 2001

Morning Session (9:00-12:00) - General Theme 1

Rural areas are faced with severe constraints that undermine agriculture and
sustainable development. What are the major, contemporary opportunities and
approaches to attract public support, institutional resources and financial
commitment for agriculture and rural development? Please offer practical
illustrations from current experience from your Major Group and/or Region in
confronting the challenges facing rural localities.

First round of specific interventions

Illustrate effective use and management of natural, financial and human
resources for SARD at the community level, especially through partnerships
amongst stakeholders.

 Second round of specific interventions

How can we get financial and human resources committed to SARD at the
national policy level and supported by international development partners
especially financial institutions?

Afternoon Session (13:00-16:00) - General Theme 2

Inspired by the discussions of this morning, discuss how Government, Civil
Society and the Private Sector best collaborate to achieve SARD?  What
mechanisms exist already to make progress in building effective

First round of specific interventions

At the district, local and communities levels, what strategies have proven
effective for co-operation among stakeholders in relation to "technical
areas"?  (such as better management of degraded lands, improvements in the
food chain from farm to table, sustainable livestock and crop production,
integration of new methods and tools that fit well in social contexts as
determined by local communities, etc.)

Second round of specific interventions

In international fora and national strategic planning processes, what
strategies have proven effective for co-operation among stakeholders in the
conception and implementation of policy? (include building a better
institutional and legislative context)

Summary Session (16:30-17:30)

"The Way Forward" - Recommendations toward CSD 10 and the World Summit on
Sustainable Development (Rio+10)

What can we do now to make a difference to achieve SARD given a decade of
experience since the Earth Summit in 1992? In what areas can we make
specific recommendations to the participants at CSD 10 and Rio+10?

How can the goals of SARD be better incorporated into the national and
international agencies which focus on other critical issues that effect
agriculture, such as food security, climate, forests, biodiversity, etc.?

For example:

How can collaboration become more effective in order to offer the
institutional, organizational and administrative support necessary to
achieve SARD?

What information and decision support technologies would facilitate
selection of best approaches and supporting policies for SARD?

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