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Looking Forward to Rio+10: Reporting Progress on Land and Agriculture

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Message 14

Date: Monday, March 12, 2001 6:01 AM

Dear Friends, I read the task manager report Part II.  I think that my
comments sent before are appropriate with respect to the systematic
delinking of Rio goals and the tools/processes/technologies used, and now
intended to be used to address those goals. From my point of view I can
summarize the strategy presented and used in the following steps, from the
bottom up:

a) there are micro/macro aspects that affect any strategy, including the Rio
b) because of this variability different weights and priorities were
allocated to the different elements of the strategy; 
c) three elements were selected to make up this strategy, namely Sustainable
development of agriculture and rural areas, combating desertification and
droughts, and integrated planning and management of land resources;
d) these different elements are seen as partly overlapping and partly
e) the main priority set was to address food insecurity, poverty, land
degradation and desertification;
d) the tools/technologies/processes used vary from local to non-local
technologies based on a framework of free trade later compounded by
f) then 10 years later, it is said in this report that the priorities of Rio
10 are the same as those of Rio just more intensified;
g) then again it is recommended more money and commitment to go into
apparently the same tools/technologies/processes used before with some
improvements, which vary from local to non-local technologies based now on a
framework of intensified globalization. 

With all my respect, I find this contradictory.  Should not be wise to start
exploring other possible venues to make the strategies/tools/technologies
used and to be used a little more poverty and environmentally friendly? I
think we have to find ways to: a) directly link and fit these
tools/technologies/processes to the goals we are aiming at, namely less
poverty, less environmental degradation, and so on; b) this way when poverty
and environmental degradation falls the positive externalities can be easily
measured and assess; and c) for doing this, we need to realize, I think,
that land sustainability and agricultural sustainability is more than
integrating components and subcomponents of a strategy. 

With warm greetings, your comments are welcome.

Lucio Munoz 

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