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Looking Forward to Rio+10: Reporting Progress on Land and Agriculture

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Message 13

	  Date: Monday, March 12, 2001 6:00 AM

Dear Friends, my name is Lucio Munoz, I am an independent researcher based
in Vancouver, Canada.

If I recall well, the problems at the time of Rio were, in general terms,
increasing poverty and increasing environmental degradation.

The Rio conference formally recognized these two aspects as the main issues
to be addressed.  A plan was made to address these two issues as soon as
possible, but with long-term objectives.

The content of the draft report SARD Part I sent to me provides evidence
that the policies originally followed to address poverty and environmental
degradation led to increase poverty and increased environmental degradation.

Then globalization came to worsen the problem more by intensifying the
poverty and environmental degradation problem of concern.  Have we failed
the goals of Rio so far?

As things are right now, globalization forces will become wilder and poverty
and environmental degradation appear to be moving to a critical stage.
Eco-economic partnerships cannot be the solution in the long term as implied
here if they leave out social concerns (the majority).

Over all, I see a systematic direct delinking of the goals (poverty and
environmental degradation) that were set out 10 years a go and the
instruments and processes chosen to achieve that.

This report indicates that while poverty increased and environmental
degradation increased, production increased, standard of living in
industrial/urban areas increased, awareness and NGO movements increased,
government and international research networks increased, economic
development over all increased, free trade increased, infrastructure
improvements have increased, vertical integration has increased,
privatization has increased, and decentralization has increased.

It looks like the better we do in all the fronts above, the more poverty and
environmental degradation we are generating.  And the report suggest that
the way out of this poverty and environmental cycle is to still improve
still more those areas/tools/technologies that appear to be leading to the
problem we are trying to address.

I would suggest that this issue should be looked a little bit closer.
Otherwise, we may find out during RIO-20 that poverty and environmental
degradation are still worse.

My warm greetings to all.  The views shared here with you are my personal
views, I may be wrong.  Your comments are welcome.

Sincerely yours;
Lucio Munoz
Vancouver, BC. Canada 

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