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Message 11

From: "RIO10-Moderator" 
Subject: Message 11 - Intervention by Brian Lewis
Date: Thursday, March 08, 2001 7:15 AM

Dear Colleagues:

My name is Brian Lewis.

I would ask for your consideration of my questions which are:  (1) should we
not consider the complexity of the problems with respect to endemic rural
poverty and stretch our efforts to both identify and implement programs
which would be an integrated solutions based approach; (2) would not such
approach provide the greatest potential for achieving the accross the board
improvements required to secure real sustainable development; (3) under a
best practices format, is it not better to consider the consolidation of
human-group resources at the rural level rather than focusing on individual
humans; (4) can ngo or non-profit activities meet the long term
sustainability issues which require address when so much of their time and
effort is necessitated in their raising of funds through donation and

I thank you for your consideration and comment.

Brian Lewis, Founder, The REED Program

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