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Record of Contributions

Message 10

From: "RIO10-Moderator" 
Subject: Message 10 - Contribution from Adam Dubowski
Date: Thursday, March 08, 2001 7:11 AM

Dear E-Conferees,

I am working in Research Institute (its owner is Ministry of Economy) that
is involved in agricultural machines sector for over 50 years. Now in Poland
we are as a nation - just before huge transformation process in agricultural

Our agriculture problems are well placed in points a-d + e.  We need to
start education process of rural society, we need to show how environmental
issues are important for them, for nation as well for other (European)
countries. We need to find way how government and administration official's
promises could be changed into real funds and well controlled actions?
Ad point e.

I am involved in agricultural tractor and machines testing. From over thirty
years in Polish scientific papers, meetings and so on you can read:
modernization of agricultural transport is needed. New modern truck
transport should be implemented and so on , and so on. After five years
period in Texas, I have returned to Poland with idea of introducing into
Polish agricultural sector well known technology of semi-truck trailers
(gooseneck) equipped with electric brake system. Main purpose was: removing
agricultural tractors form road transportation. That should result in
improving work and road safety, efficiency of transportation, decreasing
transportation losses, improving environment (less vibrations, fumes, oils
spillages etc.) and saving energy resources up to 75K tones of fuel per one
year. It can has impact on decreasing unemployment rate in rural areas.

My project has added value - it is pointing that  known well (over 30 years)
general transportation technology could be very useful, simply, efficient,
economic and universal in niche agricultural sector.  My project was not
good enough to received governmental research grant - O.K. it is happened.
Nobody care about potential impact, nobody would like to check if my
predictions are proper.

In my preliminary projects I proofed that electric brake system could be
implemented in agricultural tractors and should replace out-dated , one line
pneumatic brake system for agricultural wheeled machines.  According my
findings pneumatic brake system is a main cause of death accidents during
road and field transportation. Nobody cares (in Poland, Europe and the
world) because - such brake system is used from years and nobody is eager to
re-inspect such issue.


(Polish) Government should find way not to decreasing numbers of R&D
institutes , it should workout proper funds and projects , international
cooperation - to intensified R&D works in agricultural sector on e.g.
sustainable growth. In USA. - when Precision Agriculture was an issue -
problem was almost solved in one and half year - big enterprises , SMEs,
universities, private and public sector institutes were all involved and
governmental , public and private funds secured.  We should find way how
moved from declaration status into well design projects supervised by
government , public and private bodies.

Best regards,

Adam Dubowski, Ph.D.
Dept. Head Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering Power and
Dynamics of Agricultural Machines Dept.  [Przemyslowy Instytut Maszyn
Rolniczych, Zaklad Energetyki i Dynamiki Maszyn Rolniczych]

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